Can I Hire An IP Lawyer From Any State

Intellectual property (IP) attorneys work to protect trademarks, patents, copyrights, and trade secrets. Clients often need a lawyer to help prepare documents, or for counsel in what are often highly technical matters. One question those who need guidance with intellectual property matters often ask is, “Can I hire an IP lawyer from any state?” War IP Law PLLC provides legal guidance to clients in any state in what can often be a very complex area of the law. You may want to consider contacting our firm at 202-800-3754 to schedule a consultation.

What IP Attorneys Do

Unlike lawyers practicing in other areas who spend considerable time in the courtroom, many IP lawyers spend most of their time scrutinizing legal and technical material for clients, reviewing key documents, performing research, and conducting complex analysis. IP attorneys assist clients in filing applications and securing the appropriate protection for patents, copyrights, and trademarks. An intellectual property lawyer may negotiate licensing or purchase agreements to assist the client in earning money from their intellectual property. Should someone use a trademark or patent unlawfully, an IP attorney will take legal action on the client’s behalf which may involve a lawsuit, although this is not always the case.

Is An IP Attorney Necessary?

When someone invents a new product, a patent is usually necessary to protect their invention. A patent gives the inventor exclusive rights to the product for a specific period of time. While a person can apply for a patent on their own, writing one is extremely difficult given it often involves details that are highly technical. An IP or patent lawyer is an expert in this field who has passed not only a state bar exam, but the patent bar exam as well. For those who are inventors, hiring a patent attorney is extremely valuable in applying for a patent to protect your hard work.

For other types of intellectual property protection, such as trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets, an IP attorney can help ensure that your legal and financial rights remain protected as they navigate the legally complex and challenging areas of IP law.

Four Areas of Intellectual Property Law

Many people are not certain what type of protection they need for their intellectual property works. There are four types of intellectual property which include trademarks, copyrights, patents, and trade secrets.

  • Trademarks protect logos and brand names used by companies on their goods and services. A design, phrase, symbol, word, sound, or combination thereof identifies the origin of the goods or services and distinguishes them from other companies’ goods or services. The United States Patent and Trademark Office regulates trademarks and recommends hiring a U.S.-licensed attorney. Examples of trademarks that consumers connect with immediately include Nike, McDonalds, and Apple.
  • Copyrights generally relate to song lyrics, novels, architecture, poetry, movies, and other musical, literary, dramatic, and artistic works. A copyright protects the original works of authorship and derivations from those original works.
  • Patents cover new articles of manufacture, machines, processes, compositions of matter, and improvements to any of these, and are regulated by the USPTO.
  • Trade secrets require three elements in order to exist. Trade secrets involve information that is not generally known and has actual or prospective independent economic value, has value to other people or companies who cannot acquire the information in a legitimate manner, and are subject to secrecy maintained through sensible efforts.

Visiting with an experienced IP lawyer at War IP Law PLLC can help you understand which type of intellectual property protection is the most appropriate for your circumstances, and will offer you the greatest legal protection.

Can I Hire An IP Lawyer From Any State?

Intellectual property rights and protections are based on federal copyright, patent, trademark, and trade secret law. Trademarks and trade secrets may be regulated by state law as well as federal law, however copyrights and patents are regulated exclusively by federal law.

While attorneys are generally permitted to practice law only in the state where they are admitted to the bar, lawyers who practice federal law (such as IP attorneys) can represent clients from any state. Working with an IP attorney who is physically located in another state is a common practice. The experienced IP attorneys at War IP Law PLLC represent clients throughout the country.

Advantages Of Hiring An IP Attorney

Intellectual property laws are complex and often difficult to navigate for those who are not lawyers specializing in this unique area of law. When protecting an idea, it is highly beneficial to work with an IP lawyer who is experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable and will help:

  • Protect intellectual property from potential infringement whether it is a design, artwork, idea, or technology
  • Assess the quality and quantity of assets (due diligence) to assist in maximizing the value of intellectual property that is intangible
  • Assist in drafting licensing agreements, secret clauses for protective measures, assignment, and other documents
  • Determine the value of your intellectual property
  • Ensure intellectual property is protected, and defend client’s rights when those rights are violated

An IP attorney can help assist a client throughout the process, as well as handle any issues that may arise if there are challenges from the USPTO regarding the intellectual property.

War IP Law Is Available To Help With Intellectual Property Matters For Clients Throughout this, and Other, Countries

Can I hire an IP lawyer located in another state? Yes. War IP Law PLLC gives every client personal, undivided attention in matters involving intellectual property. Each client deserves proper legal guidance and support whether drafting documents, discussing the options, performing research, or going to court when your IP is violated by another person or company. Patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets must be protected so that others cannot steal and benefit from your ideas, products, lyrics, music, written works, designs, or other intangible creations. Contact our legal team today to schedule your consultation at 202-800-3754.