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The Benefits Of A Copyright Lawyer

The Benefits Of A Copyright Lawyer In 2021, the U.S. Copyright Office issued over 400,000 registrations, collecting more than $34 million in registration application fees. Copyright ensures creators’ rights over their own intellectual property, protecting their work from uncredited or unlicensed use. Many kinds of ideas and works can fall under copyright, including designs, [...]

The Myth Of The 30% Rule In Copyright Law

“MYTH BUSTING” stamped on a brown envelope with the stamp. The Myth Of The 30% Rule In Copyright Law When creating original works in the forms of music, art, novels, and even computer software, creators must avoid using the work of others. Unfortunately, creators often fall for the myth of the 30% rule [...]


What You Need to Know About Copyright Symbols

Copyright Symbols We’ve all probably seen what a copyright symbol looks like. In most works, companies, and items, it is the encircled letter “c” along with the name and date. While most of us might have a basic understanding of the term copyright and what the symbol stands for, we don’t always get deep into [...]

How and when is the Copyright Law implemented in Washington?

How is Copyright done in Washington, DC? Copyright is a type of intellectual property protection given by United States law. Original works of authorship that are fixed in a tangible medium, whether published or unpublished, are protected by copyright. Literary works, artistic works, live performances, photos, movies, and computer programs are examples of copyrightable works [...]

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How Can I Legally Use Copyrighted Music on YouTube?

Audio is an essential component of any production. Whatever the content, be it skits, video game “let’s plays,” vlogs, or tutorials, high-quality music and sound effects improve the scene and set the moods. The right track creates suspense, adds life, and brings flavor to your videos. Some fans even care about the soundtracks as [...]

Protecting Your Intellectual Property with Copyright

With any form of intellectual property, you have to ensure its legal protection. Not only for the sake of receiving credit for your authorship, but also for to safeguard your ability to earn a living from it. Intellectual Property Law There are three main types of intellectual property and the law protects each type [...]


Protect Your Company from Copyright Infringement

How Can I Protect My Company from Copyright Infringement? In this digital age, most companies maintain an online site where they upload content that is helpful to their target market while building their brand. It is often a challenge to protect the vast amount of images and text this entails. While copyright law is [...]


Avoid Copyright Infringement

How Can I Avoid Copyright Infringement? Copyright law protects the creative works of expression such as music, the written word, photographs, and paintings, but it also protects creations such as software code, engineering designs, architectural plans, and more. Copyright protections include the exclusive rights to reproduction, distribution, public performance, and the right to create derivative [...]

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