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Valuation Of Intellectual Property

Valuation Of Intellectual Property   Intellectual property (IP) assets include a variety of non-physical assets, such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, industrial designs, and trade secrets. IP assets can represent a significant portion of a company’s value, and the accurate valuation of intellectual property assets is key in determining the company’s overall value. These valuations can [...]

Challenges Of Selling Intellectual Property Rights

Challenges Of Selling Intellectual Property Rights According to the International Trade Administration, intellectual property (IP) includes an individual’s or entity’s creations, such as images, symbols, logos, art, literature, and inventions. Discovering the challenges that may arise when selling IP rights can help the owners to overcome them. If you have questions about selling intellectual property [...]

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Trademarks And The Metaverse

The metaverse is an emerging sphere of technology that provides businesses with a new way to offer virtual goods and services. This can be a powerful tool for branding and building a business. Like traditional forms of branding, businesses should strongly consider securing trademarks for their metaverse products and services to protect their intellectual property [...]

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Unknown Trademark Dangers

As a business owner, you might be interested in obtaining a trademark to legally protect your company, logo, or slogan. There are, indeed, many benefits to obtaining a trademark. However, many individuals are unaware of unknown trademark dangers. The experienced intellectual property lawyers at War IP Law PLLC can explain your options and ensure you [...]

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Who Should Own the Trademark Application, an Individual or a Company?

When someone completes a trademark application, they must indicate who will own the trademark. Although this application section might seem simple, it is one of the most common incorrect aspects of a trademark application. Correctly listing the owner is vital. Unfortunately, if the applicant does not fill out this section accurately, they run the [...]

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Can an Intent-to-Use Trademark Application Be Assigned?

It is possible to file an intent-to-use trademark application if you are not yet ready to use your mark in commerce but plan to in the future. When filing this type of trademark application, it is important to list the appropriate applicant — but can an intent-to-use trademark be assigned? To answer this question, it [...]

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What Is a Trademark Opposition?

The process of filing a trademark begins with an application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Once the application is published, a 30-day opposition period begins, during which time anyone who believes the trademark could damage their business may file a formal opposition. In recent years, there has been a huge [...]

How Can I Change The Goods And Services Listed In My Trademark Application After It Has Been Filed?

Choosing the right goods and services is one of the most important parts of filing a trademark application. All applicants should be positive that they have included all relevant goods and services for any products that will use the trademark. If an error has been made in this portion of the application, you may [...]

What Is an Insurance Extension of Time?

An insurance extension of time is a type of “insurance” for intent-to-use trademark applications when a Statement of Use (SOU) is filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This type of extension is a common way to have an additional six months to cure any problems with the specimen of use filed [...]

Pros & Cons: Principal Register vs. Supplemental Register

Trademark registration is integral to protecting one’s intellectual property (IP). As such, countless companies, creatives, and inventors have sought trademark protection for their brand names and logos. In many cases, trademarks work in tandem with other protections, such as copyright or patents. For some businesses, however, trademark registration is the first step to comprehensive IP [...]

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