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Real Property Vs. Intellectual Property: Understanding The Difference

Protecting intellectual property may sometimes be trickier than protecting the integrity and ownership of real property. Intellectual property (IP) theft, unlawful distribution or use, such as plagiarism, can be harder to prove than the appropriation of real, tangible property due to the nature of intellectual property. Understanding the key characteristics of real property vs. intellectual [...]

Valuation Of Intellectual Property

Valuation Of Intellectual Property   Intellectual property (IP) assets include a variety of non-physical assets, such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, industrial designs, and trade secrets. IP assets can represent a significant portion of a company’s value, and the accurate valuation of intellectual property assets is key in determining the company’s overall value. These valuations can [...]

How and when is the Copyright Law implemented in Washington?

How is Copyright done in Washington, DC? Copyright is a type of intellectual property protection given by United States law. Original works of authorship that are fixed in a tangible medium, whether published or unpublished, are protected by copyright. Literary works, artistic works, live performances, photos, movies, and computer programs are examples of copyrightable works [...]

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Does Trademark Engine Work?

Intellectual property management, trying to register a trademark, and preparing a trademark application can be pretty overwhelming. For some people, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is only for inventors who want to protect inventions from unfair competition. This is not the case. Since a wide range of things are eligible for [...]

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Pros & Cons: Principal Register vs. Supplemental Register

Trademark registration is integral to protecting one’s intellectual property (IP). As such, countless companies, creatives, and inventors have sought trademark protection for their brand names and logos. In many cases, trademarks work in tandem with other protections, such as copyright or patents. For some businesses, however, trademark registration is the first step to comprehensive IP [...]

Dangers of DIY Trademark Applications

Previously, an applicant for a U.S. trademark could reside anywhere in the world and still submit their trademark application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office on their own. However, new laws now require that foreign-domiciled trademark applicants without a United States address must hire a U.S. licensed attorney to represent them with respect [...]

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Basics of Intellectual Property Law That You Need to Know

Intellectual property management is not simple. While it is important, few are familiar with how intellectual property law works. A wide range of things are protectable by either patents, trademarks, or copyrights, and they are relevant to almost every business. As such, it is crucial to understand them. If you have plans to apply [...]

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License Agreements: A Run-Through

Licensing of intellectual property and drafting a non-exclusive or exclusive license can be overwhelming. Without knowledge of intellectual property law, licensing terms seem confusing. Indemnification, commercialization, jurisdiction, perpetual, warranties: the list is endless. Oftentimes, how we use those terms in daily conversations is different from how they are used in a licensing deal. Licensor [...]

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