US Trademark Law

Building a commercial brand takes time and money. For this reason, it’s important to get legal protection for your intellectual property investment. If you want to protect your business’s identifying marks, it behooves you have a good offense and defense. Offense: The Right Trade Name Your offense involves choosing your preferred business name, logo, and [...]

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Transferring Ownership of Trademarks

Trademarks are often transferred from one owner to another. The transfers may well be temporary through licensing or permanent through the assignment. There are many reasons behind transferring ownership of federally registered trademarks. For instance, in the event of reorganization or business acquisition, you may have to reassign or transfer the ownership of your trademarks. [...]

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Knockoffs and Counterfeit Goods

Is it Illegal to Buy or  Sell Knockoffs or Counterfeit Items? You may have seen fake goods at one time or another. You might even have unknowingly purchased one, only to discover later on that it was not the authentic one and the unbeatable price was too good to be true. With increased globalization spreading [...]

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Trademarks for Start-ups?

Is There A Need For Me to Get A Trademark for My Start-Up Business? Many big businesses start small. Famous brands started as small enterprises, usually as Mom and Pop stores. However, there is a vast opportunity for businesses to grow especially in this undeniably, consumer-centric world. As such, in order to increase awareness of [...]

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