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How An IP Attorney Can Help Overcome A Merely Descriptive Rejection

The process of filing a trademark application and obtaining a registration certificate can be arduous and filled with several challenges to overcome. Unfortunately, many applications are rejected for a number of reasons - some of which can be resolved easily, while others present more significant roadblocks, requiring time, effort, and legal strategies, to overcome. Discerning [...]

How An IP Attorney Can Help Overcome A Likelihood Of Confusion Rejection

  The process of obtaining a trademark registration can be stressful and overwhelming. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) states that for a trademark to qualify for registration, it must be distinct and unlikely to be confused with a registered mark with similar goods and/or services. When an application to register a trademark [...]

How To Revive An Abandoned Trademark Application

Trademark applications have strict deadlines. If a deadline for your trademark application has lapsed, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) may deem your trademark application “abandoned” and, unless you timely take the appropriate steps, your trademark application can not be registered. The process to revive an abandoned trademark application can prove legally complex [...]

Trademark Application Rejected? Has your trademark application been rejected? If your trademark application has been rejected, don't give up! In many cases, our trademark attorney can overcome the roadblocks preventing your application from going through. You have rights, so don't accept a rejection. Contact us today. Request a Consultation Call Now [...]

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