What is Intellectual Property Law?

Intellectual property (IP) law covers laws wherein the state protects and secures the copyright holder’s exclusive rights to their intellectual property, creations, and inventions. These may be in the form of industrial property, industrial designs, design rights, technology transfers, biotechnology, trade dress, computer software, the authorship of a person with regards to his artistic works. Design right which can be tangible or intangible is also within the scope of “intellectual property”. As long as the inventor or creator along with other innovators, if any, invents an original work, IP rights may be established to prevent piracy, misappropriation, or counterfeiting their works.

The different types of intellectual property are copyrights, trademarks, patents, and trade secrets.

  • Copyright Law – protects the legal rights of the inventors so that the copyright holder can enjoy the monopolies of their products and safety from copyright infringement.
  • Trademark Law – protects the name, phrase, logo, design or symbol of an establishment that identifies themintellectual property law as its producer. Well-known examples would be the logos of Nike, the three stripes of Adidas, the LV symbol of Louis Vuitton bags. By having trademark protection for them, the owners can prevent other people from using identical trademarks and confusing consumers by making them unable to identify the source.
  • Trade secret Law– are also included in intellectual property since the formulas, methods, practices, and procedures done to manufacture a product is an advantage that only the inventor has exclusive rights to. A trade secret is designed to not be known to outside parties. Trade secrets are protected by IP laws through registration and necessary steps taken to maintain confidentiality and plagiarism.
  • Patent Law – bestows protection for original works of authorship. Patent infringement may be avoided by getting patent rights. In order to make patent applications, you need to make sure that your idea hasn’t been patented yet. You need to find the Patent Office in Washington, work with a patent attorney who will make the patent applications process much simpler since making a mistake may cost you a lot later on. Availing the services of an IP lawyer can add another layer of protection in case someone files patent claims later on. Moreover, patent holders can protect their products against other competitors from producing, using, distributing their protected items. A patent is also included as a property right hence it can be alienated, disposed of, licensed, sold, mortgaged or assigned.

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