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Applying For Plant Patents In Washington, DC

Protect Your Plant Creations: Discover the Process and Guidelines for Applying for Plant Patents Have you ever thought about protecting your plant creations legally? In Washington, D.C., where cool ideas and nature collide, the idea of getting a patent for your plants is pretty important. So, can your plant innovations get legal protection? Let's check out the process and guidelines for applying for plant patents and see how you can take your gardening wonders to the next level. Now that [...]

A Guide To Trademark Registration Costs

Any type of intellectual property (IP) such as a word, design, sound, or slogan/phrase, that connects a company with a particular service or good, is a trademark and should be protected. When a company comes up with distinguishable and unique intellectual property it can benefit them and give them an edge over their competition. However, if IP is not safeguarded, others may take it and use it, diminishing its value to those who originally created it. Trademarks are a [...]

How Can You Protect Your Intellectual Property Rights When Working With A Freelancer?

According to the International Trade Administration, intellectual property (IP) is any unique creation one can come up with, including inventions, artwork, symbols, images, commerce logos, or literary works. IP is incredibly valuable, and where businesses are concerned, IP is an intangible, precious asset that must be safeguarded. IP can be part of a successful business plan and an approach to being a top competitor in a particular market or industry. If you own a business, you may have a [...]

Maintaining A Trademark Once It Has Been Registered

Federally registering a trademark can be an exciting step for a brand. Registration provides protections, and registering on a federal level encourages entrepreneurs to envision seeing their brand become a household name one day. However, the registration and visions of fame come with responsibilities. The main responsibility attending a trademark is maintaining it. Registration is the first step, but there are several other things that must be done to maintain a trademark. If you have registered, or are thinking [...]

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