Protecting Your Intellectual Property with a Patent

In the past, the United States had a “first to invent” system when it comes to patent protection. In September of 2011, however, the government switched to a “first to file” system. This is why it is paramount that you file a patent application in a timely manner to lend legal intellectual property protection for [...]

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Patent Filing Mistakes to Avoid

While patents provide the protection needed for innovation, there are some stringent requirements in the patent process that innovators must heed to ensure that they don’t compromise their patent application. What are some of the common pitfalls that invention patent applicants should be aware of? Publicly disclosing an innovation before they file a patent application. [...]

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Transferring Ownership of Trademarks

Trademarks are often transferred from one owner to another. The transfers may well be temporary through licensing or permanent through the assignment. There are many reasons behind transferring ownership of federally registered trademarks. For instance, in the event of reorganization or business acquisition, you may have to reassign or transfer the ownership of your trademarks. [...]

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First to File Rule in Patent Filing

If you have an invention and you want to protect it in the United States, you need to get a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The patent is a form of intellectual property (IP) protection that gives the creator of an invention the exclusive legal right to market, sell, manufacture, and profit [...]

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Protect Your Company from Copyright Infringement

How Can I Protect My Company from Copyright Infringement? In this digital age, most companies maintain an online site where they may upload content that is helpful to their target market while building their brand. It is often a challenge to protect all those images and texts online. While there is a law that protects [...]

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Avoid Copyright Infringement

How Can I Avoid Copyright Infringement? Copyright law protects the creative works of expression such as music, the written word, photographs, and paintings, but it also protects creations such as software code, engineering designs, architectural plans, and more. Copyright protections include the exclusive rights to reproduction, distribution, public performance, and the right to create derivative [...]

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Knockoffs and Counterfeit Goods

Is it Illegal to Buy or  Sell Knockoffs or Counterfeit Items? You may have seen fake goods at one time or another. You might even have unknowingly purchased one, only to discover later on that it was not the authentic one and the unbeatable price was too good to be true. With increased globalization spreading [...]

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Non-disclosure Agreement to Protect Your IP

Is A Non-disclosure Agreement Critical in Protecting Your Competitive Advantage?   A lot of companies established their brands because of their unique products and processes. This may include secret recipes, training materials, schematics for a new product, client information, sales and marketing plans, or a unique manufacturing process. Sometimes, even if you and a competitor [...]

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Trademarks for Start-ups?

Is There A Need For Me to Get A Trademark for My Start-Up Business? Many big businesses start small. Famous brands started as small enterprises, usually as Mom and Pop stores. However, there is a vast opportunity for businesses to grow especially in this undeniably, consumer-centric world. As such, in order to increase awareness of [...]

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