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Guide to Filing an Application for Provisional Patent

Independent inventors who want to pitch their creations to potential manufacturers risk having their ideas stolen, and getting them to sign a nondisclosure agreement even before seeing the invention is highly unlikely. Fortunately, a procedure called the provisional patent application (PPA) has been authorized by Congress to help protect your intellectual property while buying time to file a patent application. Why you should apply for a provisional patent Filing provisional patent applications can preserve rights to the patent. Under current [...]

Four Benefits of Filing A Provisional Patent Application

If you have an invention but don’t have the time and resources for filing a regular application for a patent, there are multiple reasons why you should consider going through the Provisional Patent Application (PPA) process. The option of filing a provisional application began in 1995 when the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) decided to provide investors with first patent filing at a lower cost. All potential filers must now comply with the U.S. patent law detailed in [...]

What to Do In A Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

Under the Copyright Act of 1976, inventors of all copyrighted works have exclusive rights to reproduction and sale. In a copyright infringement case, these rights are violated, and creators may file a lawsuit in federal court against the individual or group who used the work without permission. If the court finds proof of copyright violation, then the copyright holder may demand fair compensation for the damages caused by the wrongful infringement of his work. Below are the top three legal [...]

How to Avoid Infringing on Intellectual Property

There are different types of intellectual property (IP) and you want to ensure that your property is covered by the right kind of IP protection. In case you’re ever a victim of copyright law, patent law, or trademark law violations like unauthorized use of your work, plagiarism, counterfeiting of an invention, piracy, etcetera, you want to have a strong case when you take legal action. In intellectual property infringement actions, penalties or awards in monetary form are given to the intellectual [...]

US Trademark Law

Building a commercial brand takes time and money. For this reason, it’s important to get legal protection for your intellectual property investment. If you want to protect your business’s identifying marks, it behooves you have a good offense and defense. Offense: The Right Trade Name Your offense involves choosing your preferred business name, logo, and slogan. Make time to figure out a strong trademark that your competitors will find difficult to steal, do a trademark search to ensure that it [...]

Intellectual Property Law (IP Law)

When people talk about intellectual property rights or IP rights, they refer to a legal matter that involves the creations of the mind, such as literary and artistic works, inventions, names, images, symbols, and designs used in trade and commerce. Examples include novels, songs, illustrations, brand logos, and other marks of identification. These intellectual property laws are there to promote the spirit of creation and innovation, encouraging new technologies and inventions as well as artistic expressions while aiding economic advancement by [...]