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Can You Trademark A Catch Phrase?

A catch phrase is a phrase or expression widely recognized for its common use. Catch phrases come in many forms, and often originate in pop culture within movies, television, or music. In addition, a catch phrase can be a powerful tool for a company’s branding. Regardless of the origin, widely recognized catch phrases are a form of intellectual property (IP), and those who come up with these phrases should consider how to protect this form of IP. You can [...]

When to Start the Trademark Process

When a person refers to your business, they will usually do so by name. Sometimes this may even conjure up an image of your logo in their mind. Your business’ name and logo are key elements of intellectual property that hold inherent value by defining its brand identity. Without them, your customers would not be able to differentiate you from another company offering a similar product or service. Registering a trademark for your business protects your company’s brand by ensuring [...]

The Importance Of A Comprehensive Trademark Search

When establishing a business, conducting a comprehensive trademark search is essential. Failure to do so could have devastating consequences including time lost and exorbitant costs. With help from an experienced trademark attorney at War IP Law PLLC, companies can plan ahead and set their business up for success. Schedule an initial consultation to discuss the importance of comprehensive trademark searches by calling our office at (202) 800-3754. What Is a Comprehensive Trademark Search? A comprehensive trademark search involves an in-depth [...]

Common Trademark Classes

Finding the appropriate trademark classes can be a challenge. Accurately selecting the proper class can help ensure that the trademark remains protected. The United States Patent and Trademark Office ("USPTO") oversees the registration of trademarks and divides its categories into 45 different classes: 34 for products and 11 for services. Those classes help the USPTO differentiate and track thousands of new trademarks each year. Many products fall under a few common trademark classes. If you need to trademark your [...]

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