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Challenges Of Selling Intellectual Property Rights

Challenges Of Selling Intellectual Property Rights According to the International Trade Administration, intellectual property (IP) includes an individual’s or entity’s creations, such as images, symbols, logos, art, literature, and inventions. Discovering the challenges that may arise when selling IP rights can help the owners to overcome them. If you have questions about selling intellectual property rights, consider contacting an experienced IP lawyer from War IP Law, PLLC, by calling (202) 902-6362 to schedule a consultation. https://youtu.be/KmnqNHC3Zm0 Understanding Intellectual Property [...]

The Myth Of The 30% Rule In Copyright Law

“MYTH BUSTING” stamped on a brown envelope with the stamp. The Myth Of The 30% Rule In Copyright Law When creating original works in the forms of music, art, novels, and even computer software, creators must avoid using the work of others. Unfortunately, creators often fall for the myth of the 30% rule in copyright law, believing that they may use the work of another person as long as a third of the work is changed. This fictitious [...]

Trademarks And The Metaverse

The metaverse is an emerging sphere of technology that provides businesses with a new way to offer virtual goods and services. This can be a powerful tool for branding and building a business. Like traditional forms of branding, businesses should strongly consider securing trademarks for their metaverse products and services to protect their intellectual property from infringement. If you are a business owner with questions about trademarks and the metaverse, the team of experienced intellectual property lawyers at War IP [...]

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