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If you’ve observed any product closely, you’ll notice the existence of a trademark in the form of a symbol. This symbol isn’t given much thought about anymore than the original product but what most don’t understand is that there is a whole legal procedure involved behind registering a trademark for any item, not to mention that this is a vital way to copyright them. 

If you’ve got original content and you’re wondering about the process of registering a trademark in Washington, D.C., enlist the legal assistance of a trademark attorney. 

Seeing that trademark isn’t an often thought-of concept, it isn’t a surprise why most aren’t aware that there are laws regarding this area. If you are caught up in an intellectual property dispute, a trademark attorney from Washington, D.C, will explain the concepts to you and be on your side representing you throughout your legal ordeal. Our attorney from War IP Law will listen to the clients and review the cases thoroughly, providing consistent assistance and explaining concepts in a way that is easily understandable so that clients may have a better grasp of what they are fighting for.

War IP Law,PLLC houses a trademark attorney who can help you with registering trademarks and can walk you through every step of the way. From filing trademark applications to licensing of trademarks and even defending those with trademark infringement cases, the law firm specilizing in intellectual property law has the services you are looking for in a lawyer. At War IP law, trademark protection is our business.

Are you looking to file trademark applications for your product or business? Are you in need of legal assistance regarding licensing and trademark assignments? If so, get in touch with a trademark attorney at War IP Law, PLLC. The firm’s trademark attorney possesses over a decade’s worth of legal experience in the area and is experienced in Unfair Competitions claims under the Lanham Act. Get in touch with a Washington, D.C. trademark attorney now. 

Why do I need a Trademark Attorney in Washington, D.C.?

registering a trademarkYou might think that having a business or a product is simply that-just having it right with you.  There is a need to protect your work, and trademarks do just that. Trademarks work by protecting names and identifying marks of products and businesses. In the United States, a business isn’t required to file  paperwork with the government in order to be trademarked. Once a business starts using a certain mark as a means of identification, common law mark is automatically assumed. If this is the case, then why is registering a trademark in Washington, D.C. so important,  let alone having a trademark attorney? 

Plain and simple, there are certain perks to having your business trademarked such as having a legal and official protection of your business against infringement. All of this might sound complicated but the expertise of a Washington, D.C, attorney can help make your journey easier. A trademark attorney can do the following for you:

These are just some of the services a trademark attorney from Washington, D.C, can help you with apart from assisting you in registering a trademark. A trademark attorney should also be able to listen to your concerns, offer sound legal counsel, explain every single concept in a manner that is easily understandable, and provide ongoing assistance throughout the legal ordeal. 

The trademark attorney from the law firm has significant experience in the area of intellectual property, from obtaining patents and trademarks to serving as a local legal counsel. 

If you are looking for a Washington, D.C. trademark attorney, look no further. Get in touch with one from the law-firm and protect your product or business. 

What is a Trademark?

A trademark is a form of protection for intellectual property, be it a business or a product. Anything used in connection with goods and services such as names and symbols can be safeguarded under trademark laws. These laws enable a company to cite the source of their goods and separate them from others that also provide the same services, giving them an identity of their own.

Trade marks are also important for giving notices worldwide that you are the owner of a business, obtaining registration in other countries, and preventing importation and infringement of goods. 

Common law trademark rights exist since federal trademark registration isn’t mandatory. Common law requires the use of a mark. While registering a trademark isn’t required, always be mindful of the benefits and the protection that comes with registering for a trademark. 

Who Can Register for a Trademark?

The trademark owner is the only one allowed to file a registration application. Should another person file a trademark, it shall be declared void. The individual who uses and controls the use of the mark and the goods is the owner of the mark. 

How Does One Register a Trademark?

If you are a small business owner, it is vital that you protect your brand through registering a trademark. Registering your brand with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) can grant you legal protections. That said, here are the steps on how to register a trademark:

  • Apply for Federal Registration- Determine why you need to register your brand and remember why it is important to do so. The legal benefits outweigh the risks, so it is vital that you get your brand registered. 
  • Perform a Trademark Search- Check if your trademark is already registered by performing a thorough search using the the Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS)
  • File a Federal Trademark Application- File using  the Trademark Electronic Application System
  • Upon Approval, Maintain Federal Trademark Registration-Upon approval, be mindful of the succeeding steps to maintain your trademark and make it a habit to stay updated with trademark laws.

What is Trademark Infringement?

The USPTO defines trademark infringement as unauthorized usage of a mark connected to a service or business in a manner that can cause confusion amongst consumers. In the event that your business becomes a victim of copyright infringement, your trademark attorney can draft a cease-and-desist letter in order to inform the other party to stop using the same marks as you. 

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Trade marks exist in order to give an identity to an individual or a business that is selling goods or products. It helps separate them from other entities that have the same products and offers legal protection against trademark infringement. 

However, the legal processes involved in registering a trademark can be quite tricky, which is why it is recommended that you have a trademark attorney by your side. Contact War IP Law, PLLC at 202-902-6362. A trademark attorney can review your case, file your trademark applications, and fight for you against infringement. Schedule an appointment with a Washington, D.C. trademark attorney right now.