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In a world where the internet gives everyone access to anything and everything all of the time, it is important to distinguish your brand from the rest. A trademark is anything — a word, a group of words, sign, symbols, logo or a combination — that gives you a unique identity. When other people use your trademarked intellectual property, it can ultimately cause you to lose your competitive edge. That’s why when trademark infringement occurs, it’s important to act as soon as possible. Our trademark litigation attorneys at War IP Law dedicate themselves in protecting and enforcing your trademark. 

For any legal issues with trademarks, call us to speak to our experienced Washington DC trademark litigation attorney. 

Why do I need a Trademark Litigation Attorney in Washington DC?

We are attentive listeners.  Unlike others who only listen to get information, we strive to actively listen to our client to ensure we know where they are coming from, what their values are, and what they want to achieve. 

We explain everything in clear, action-oriented language.  Intellectual property can be pretty complicated. As with any legal field, it comes with many terms and dragons that can sound foreign to the untrained ear. We translate the legalese into an accessible language that our client easily understands to ensure our clients can take the best course of action. 

We work tirelessly for our clients.  The clients in our line of work usually have their career and their income at stake. This affects many aspects of their lives such as their quality of life, their health, and their relationships. That is why we work hard to ensure our clients get the best possible outcome. 

We provide ongoing assistance.  There is a lot at stake in trademark law cases. It can be stressful for just about anyone. We provide ongoing assistance to our clients for any concerns they may have to reassure them that we always have their backs. 

We can equip you with resources to stay practically self-sufficient and thrive.  For us, the practice of intellectual property law is more than a job. A calling, indeed. It’s a call to action to support those who make and contribute to the world’s value. We can assist you with registering and protecting your intellectual property rights since we have the capacity, enthusiasm, and track record.

We have worked with hundreds of clients, providing them with excellent legal counsel along with professional care. If another person is infringing on your trademark rights, don’t hesitate to call our skilled Washington DC trademark litigation attorneys. 

What is Trademark Litigation?

Trademark litigation attorneyLegal action involving trademarks for goods and services fall under three claims:

  1. Trademark infringement
  2. Unfair competition
  3. Trademark dilution 

If you have any questions regarding intellectual property and such, don’t hesitate to call our professional Washington DC trademark litigation attorney. 

Unfair Competition and Trademark Infringement

Your case may fall under trademark infringement if the usage of the mark confuses other people about who provides the product. One such case is Apple Corps vs Apple Inc. The former is a music company founded by the Beatles while the latter is the tech company that makes iPhones. 

The first lawsuit was settled when Steve Jobs agreed not to enter the music industry. However, upon the creation of iTunes, the Beatles sued Apple Inc. once more. You can see how the “Apple” trademark can cause confusion for those who want to buy from one company or the other.

Unfair competition is a wider umbrella that covers any deceptive practice meant to confuse consumers. Aside from trademark infringement, other activities under unfair competition include bait-and-switch tactics, stealing trade secrets, and false advertising. 

Proving Trademark Infringement

If you are trying to prove that another party committed trademark infringement, you must prove the following:

  1. You have valid ownership of a legally protectable mark;
  2. The other party uses the mark in commerce in a way that confuses people about the source of the goods/services. 

Other important factors that may be relevant to your case include:

  1. Evidence of actual confusion
  2. The other party’s intent for choosing their mark
  3. The similarity of the marketing methods
  4. Strength of your mark 
  5. How related are the goods/services between you and the alleged infringer
  6. The similarity of the marks (in terms of appearance, meaning, and sound)

You may have lost valuable income from trademark infringement. If you don’t act quickly, you stand to lose much more. Call our savvy Washington DC trademark infringement attorneys today to schedule a consultation regarding your case. 

Trademark Dilution

Trademark dilution happens when another person uses a mark that’s the same as a famous one. As a result, regular consumers think the mark has lost its uniqueness. This can happen in two ways:

  • Dilution by tarnishment: The reputation of a famous mark is harmed by association with another similar mark;
  • Dilution by blurring: A famous mark loses its distinct character because of the existence of a similar mark. 

If your mark is distinct and a competitor uses a similar mark, it can harm your brand in more ways than one! If you spot a mark that looks or sounds like yours, don’t wait. Get in touch with our Washington DC trademark law firm to schedule a consultation with our trusted trademark litigation attorney ASAP!

Other than trademark litigation, our IP law firm also handles issues such as IP litigation, trademark application,  patents, and copyright law, among many others. If you want to protect your inventions or need help with the patent and trademark office, consult with our intellectual property attorney today!

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Trademarks are an important part of a brand. If another party has a similar harm to yours, it can cause untold harm to you and your business. Don’t take such matters lightly. If you need help to enforce and protecting your trademark, our trademark litigation attorneys at War IP Law are here for you!

We see intellectual property as more than just a job. It’s a call to help those who create and bring value to the world – the inventors, the writers, the artists who make our society. Our Washington intellectual property lawyers have helped many with their issues with patent applications, branding issues, and other matters of the IP practice.

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