How To Obtain Your Intellectual Property Rights

By properly establishing or obtaining your IP rights, you are ensuring that your intellectual property is afforded the strongest protection by law against those who may infringe on it. By properly registering your IP, you put others on notice of your IP, which should discourage most from using it without your permission. At War IP Law PLLC, we are dedicated to helping individuals and companies obtain their IP rights in a manner that provides maximum protection.

Trademark registration, patents or provisional patent applications and registered copyrights each give you different protection but only an experienced intellectual property attorney can advise you as to which is right for you or which combination will protect your IP effectively. Call War IP Law, PLLC today. We are happy to work with you to answer all of your intellectual property questions.

It is important for you to know that if you start marketing or disclose your invention to the public before it is properly protected, you are putting your intellectual property at risk. Don’t gamble with your company’s future, call us today.

Protecting You IP is an On-going Process

Establishing a trademark, copyright or patent is just the first step in protecting your intellectual property. You must maintain your IP rights by properly renewing your claim or your protection may expire. An intellectual property lawyer can help you develop a plan that ensures your IP is always protected.

Foreign Intellectual Property Protection

In today’s global economy, your IP is more at risk than ever before. If you are serious about protecting your intellectual property, you need to ask your IP lawyer about registering your intellectual property in foreign countries. Some countries allow you to register your intellectual property in several countries using a single application. But each country has its own laws and levels of enforcement. You must ensure that the laws of the foreign country are followed for you to have proper legal protection.

In countries that do not have intellectual property agreements with the United States, you must register your intellectual property under the laws of that country. A U.S. patent, trademark or copyright alone will not protect you.
It is vital to the protection of your intellectual property rights to consult with an experienced intellectual property lawyer before you start marketing in foreign countries.

Guard Your IP Surreptitiously

Sometimes your work will not be eligible for protection under current intellectual property law, or it’s not yet in a registerable form or you have decided that it is best not to make it public. Trade secret laws can protect some intellectual property. Going this route can be tricky so you need to consult with an experienced IP lawyer for advice on how to best protect your intellectual property. You will likely need non-disclosure agreements, confidentiality agreements, and non-compete agreements for everyone with knowledge of your intellectual property to sign. Never use pre-made forms or a website to create these types of agreements. A one-size fits all form may not be enforceable in your situation.

Monitor Your Competitors

Intellectual property law only provides legal remedies to you after your work has been stolen. People often misappropriate IP simply because they don’t know the law while other offenders just don’t care. In some cases, the person using your IP may have searched through copyrights, trademarks and patents before using it and legitimately missed that you already had registered your intellectual property. In any event, you want to keep the unauthorized use of your intellectual property contained. This means that you need to monitor your competitors and markets constantly, looking for potential theft of your IP. Failing to timely protect your intellectual property may prevent you from protecting it in the future. As you can image, this is no easy task, but an intellectual property lawyer can assist you.

Contact a Washington, D.C. Intellectual Property Lawyer

At War IP Law PLLC we help individuals and businesses protect their intellectual property and we defend those accused of infringing the intellectual property of others. Our staff and IP lawyers take these responsibilities seriously. We are here to protect the intellectual property of you and your company. Call us today.