How can the trademark sign protect my brand?

Have you wondered what that little TM symbol means and how it can shield your brand from harm? It is like a security shield for your hard-earned brand. Imagine you have poured your time and effort into building your brand, only to realize you have not used the TM sign correctly, leaving it vulnerable to potential risks. Having a knowledgeable attorney by your side becomes helpful and essential in these uncertain times.

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What Does the TM Sign Mean?

The TM sign or symbol stands for “trademark.” A trademark is a unique identifier for your brand, like a word, phrase, emblem, design, or a combination of these elements. It serves as a visual representation of the products or services you offer, distinguishing them from those of others in the market. It is what sets your brand apart and makes it recognizable to consumers.

Note that when we refer to a “trademark,” we encompass both trademarks for products and service marks for services. A trademark helps protect and promote your distinct identity in the business world, whether through selling physical goods or providing services.

What Does a Trademark Symbol Do?

We use trademark symbols to do three crucial things.

  • Identifies the source of your goods or services
  • Provides legal protection for your brand
  • Helps you guard against counterfeiting and fraud

Do I Need to Use a Trademark Symbol? 

No. It is not a must to use a trademark symbol. It is your choice to do so. Your trademark rights are still valid even if you do not use it. However, there are some compelling reasons why you might want to use it with your trademarks.


What Role Does TM Symbol Do for My Business?

The TM symbol, denoting “trademark,” is pivotal in brand protection and identity. Here’s how it impacts your business, especially in a bustling commercial hub like Washington, D.C.:

  • Brand Protection: The TM sign’s presence alongside your brand name, logo, or slogan communicates to competitors and the general public that you are claiming rights over these elements. That acts as a deterrent against unauthorized or infringing uses.
  • Enhances Credibility: For consumers and partners, seeing the TM symbol can increase confidence and trust in your brand. It suggests professionalism and indicates that your business is conscious about safeguarding its brand identity.
  • Asserting Rights: In many jurisdictions, even if you haven’t formally registered a trademark, using the TM symbol can help establish common law rights. Your consistent use of the TM sign can be your claim to that particular trademark in potential disputes.
  • Positioning for Registration: If you register your trademark officially, using the TM symbol can demonstrate your prior claim and use of the mark. That can be beneficial during the registration process, especially if there are disputes over the originality or priority of a trademark.
  • Market Presence: In competitive environments like Washington, D.C., where numerous businesses vie for consumer attention, the TM symbol can be a tool to set your brand apart. It adds an element of legitimacy to your brand’s presence in the market.

In summary, the TM symbol is a protective shield for your brand elements, signaling your claim over them. Using it sends a clear message to the market that your brand identity is unique and guarded. It’s an essential tool for businesses like yours seeking to solidify your brand’s position and protect it from potential infringements.


What are the Three Types of Trademark Symbols?

There are three main trademark symbols businesses and individuals use to indicate the status and level of trademark protection for their brands, names, logos, and slogans. These include:

Registered Trademark Symbol (®)

The ® symbol means your product or service has official trademark protection in the United States. It’s the strongest level of protection, showing people that your trademark is safe and trusted by the law. It also scares off others who might try to copy it.


Trademark Symbol (™)

The ™ symbol claims rights to a product, like clothing or sunglasses, even before it’s officially registered. It’s a way to say, “This is our trademark,” and might make others think twice about using it. It can also give you some legal rights while waiting for official registration.


Service Mark Symbol (℠)

The symbol is for marks that represent services, not physical products. For example, you would use the SM symbol if you offer legal services. It works like the ™ symbol, giving you partial rights before the complete registration.


How Can I Use Each Trademark Symbol?

When you want to inform the world that a particular symbol or phrase is your trademark, you can use a unique emblem to convey that message. These symbols indicate your trademark ownership and its legal status. Here’s how to correctly use each symbol:

TM Symbol (™):

  • Utilize the TM symbol to signify your claim of trademark rights for a word, phrase, logo, or design associated with your products.
  • You can use the TM symbol even if your trademark lacks official registration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).
  • Position the TM symbol immediately adjacent to your trademark to indicate its classification as a trademark.
  • For instance: “MyCompany™.”


SM Symbol (℠):

  • The SM symbol serves a similar purpose to the TM symbol but is intended for service marks, representing services rather than physical products.
  • Like the TM symbol, you can employ the SM symbol without officially registering with the USPTO.
  • Place the SM symbol next to your service mark to communicate your claim of service mark rights.
  • For example: “MyService℠.”

Registered Trademark Symbol (®):

  • Employ the ® symbol to indicate that your trademark has official registration with the USPTO, granting you exclusive rights to use it for the goods or services specified in the registration.
  • Restrict using the ® symbol to the precise goods or services in your federal trademark registration.
  • Avoid using the ® symbol for unregistered trademarks or marks registered in other countries.
  • Position the ® symbol immediately adjacent to your registered trademark to signify its federally protected status.
  • For instance: “MyBrand®.”

Ensuring the correct use of these symbols is essential for safeguarding your trademark rights and avoiding potential legal complications. Using the appropriate sign effectively conveys your ownership and legal rights over your brand, product, or service identifier.

If you have any uncertainties or require assistance with using these symbols or trademark registration and protection, it is advisable to seek counsel from a trademark attorney. Contact us today at War IP Law, PLLC, for customized guidance based on your circumstances. 

Why Do I Need a Trademark Attorney in Washington DC?

There are many convincing reasons to consider hiring a trademark attorney for intellectual property needs. At War IP Law, PLLC, we can offer you several advantages, which cover:

  • Legal Guidance: We can provide crucial legal advice related to your trademark. We can help you understand the intricacies of trademark law, ensuring your rights are protected.
  • Trademark Clearance Search: We can conduct thorough trademark clearance searches before you submit your application. That helps identify potential conflicts with existing trademarks, minimizing the risk of rejection or legal disputes.
  • Accurate Application Preparation: We have valuable experience in preparing trademark applications accurately. We know how to present your case effectively, increasing the likelihood of approval.
  • Managing USPTO Communications: We can handle legal communications received from the USPTO on your behalf. That ensures that you don’t miss critical deadlines or correspondence.
  • Protecting Your Rights: We will work to safeguard and uphold your trademark rights, including defending against infringement or challenges to your trademark.
  • Representation Before the USPTO: In cases where disputes or appeals arise, we can act as your representative before the USPTO’s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, advocating for your interests.
  • Protection from Deceptive Solicitations: We can protect you from deceptive solicitations, ensuring you don’t fall victim to fraudulent offers related to your trademark.

While it’s possible to handle trademark matters yourself, having a trademark lawyer offers several advantages. We can save you time, reduce the risk of costly mistakes, and provide the confidence that your intellectual property is handled by a professional with valuable knowledge of trademark law.

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