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Registration Requirements For United States Trademarks

When filing to register an official trademark, businesses and individuals should be aware of the registration requirements for United States trademarks. Filing a trademark application is one of the most important things an individual or business can do to protect their intellectual property. Failing to meet the registration requirements can cause delays and other complications that impede an entity’s ability to protect itself from unfair competition by other entities. For more information on the trademark requirements of the United States [...]

Can You Use A Trademark That Was Rejected By The USPTO?

  Clients who have recently had their trademarks refused often ask, “can you use a trademark that was rejected by the USPTO?” A trademark rejection from the United States Patent and Trademark Office does not necessarily mean the process is over. A rejected trademark may still be used in the marketplace, but those that were rejected due to too many similarities with another trademark may need to be reevaluated. Additionally, trademark refusals by the USPTO may be appealed [...]

Adding Additional Classes (Goods And Services) To Your Existing Trademark

Trademark applications are final, meaning adding additional classes to a trademark is not possible once the application has been filed. Therefore, anyone in the process of preparing a trademark application should consider all relevant classes that should be added before applying. Trademark owners who want to add additional classes to an existing trademark may need to file a new trademark application. For more information on trademarks and other intellectual property matters, contact the intellectual property attorneys of War IP Law [...]

How To Avoid Trademark Renewal Scams

  According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), trademark renewal scams are on the rise. Countless companies with names that appear to be government entities are fooling consumers each year. The USPTO provides a list of companies to be wary of, and many of them sound very legitimate. At War IP Law PLLC, our team of Washington, D.C. intellectual property attorneys assist clients with the trademark and patent process. Whether you would like to obtain [...]

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