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What You Need to Know About Copyright Symbols

Copyright Symbols We’ve all probably seen what a copyright symbol looks like. In most works, companies, and items, it is the encircled letter “c” along with the name and date. While most of us might have a basic understanding of the term copyright and what the symbol stands for, we don’t always get deep into its nitty-gritty details. If you’re the enterprising or creative type whose works you’d like to make your own, it’ll help you a great deal to [...]

What Is A Trademark Audit?

In order to manage resources sensibly, it is imperative that brand owners regularly take stock of their trademark portfolios. One of the most succinct ways to perform this analysis is through a trademark audit. But just what is a trademark audit? In short, a trademark audit allows a brand owner to generate savings while focusing resources in core areas. The audit process is complex, so brand owners often outsource audits to outside counsel or seek guidance from a trademark attorney. [...]

Understanding USPTO Trademark Examination

Once the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) determines a trademark application meets the minimum filing requirements, it will assign an application serial number and forward it to an examining attorney. The trademark examination period can last several months and can potentially conclude with an approved trademark or a denial. Therefore, it is critical to have a strong understanding of the USPTO trademark examination. Intellectual property lawyers from War IP Law, PLLC help guide applicants through this process. You [...]

Can A Trademark Symbol Be Used Without Registration?

Brand recognition is important in business. To succeed, make sales, and profit, your company or product must be in the minds of consumers. A well-thought-out business name, for instance, distinguishes the new players from the old-timers. New businesses, especially creative and well-packaged ones, are at risk of having their ideas, symbols, and other recognizable features used by competitors and bigger businesses. In this blog, we will discuss the protection of intellectual property, particularly: (1) the correct usage of trademark [...]

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