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R Circle Logo – What Does It Mean?

Logos are crucial in representing a company or brand in the world of intellectual property and trademarks. Among all the symbols and icons, the R circle logo holds significant importance. Here, find out the meaning behind the R circle logo, learn the difference between the TM and R symbols, and get to know the guidelines for correctly using the R trademark symbol. If you would like more information about trademark logos, consider scheduling an appointment with War IP Law [...]

5 Methods For Valuing Intangible Assets In Your Company

In today's economy, intangible assets play an important role in a company's success. Intangible assets are unlike their tangible counterparts in that their value may not be immediately apparent as a calculation based on hours of skilled labor, cost of materials, and similar readily quantified variables. However, this does not mean that a valuation of intangible assets can be made solely from guesswork. Rather, it means that determining the precise value of a company’s intangible assets may require specialized [...]

AI And Intellectual Property

What are the Challenges in Protecting AI-based Innovations and Intellectual Property? Have you ever wondered about the challenges that arise when advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies clash with Intellectual Property (IP) laws? Disputes over ownership of AI-generated works and complex legal issues related to AI inventors can be common in such scenarios. To navigate the intersection of AI and Intellectual Property, seeking guidance from an experienced attorney becomes essential. As AI rapidly advances and reshapes industries, understanding how to [...]

The Dangers of Letting Someone Who Is Not An Attorney Assist You With The Trademark Application Process

When a new or small business owner is applying for their trademark, they may be tempted to avoid using an attorney to try to save money or time. They may have a friend, relative, or mentor who has filed a trademark application who offers to help. However, there are several dangers when letting someone who is not an attorney assist you with the trademark application process. If you have questions about applying for a trademark, contact the experienced intellectual property [...]

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